What does BoxyChan mean?

Boxy is the name of our mascot, and chan comes from the japanese honorific usually used for something cute, small, a friend or pet.

What are the themes? and when do they change?

Each BoxyChan box has a theme lets say "star trek" is the theme, all items being sent out in the mystery box are star trek related.  We feature our latest theme additions on our homepage (we add new themes every couple of weeks) we have all themes available until we run out of stock (don't worry we try to restock asap when we run out of a certain theme!)

What are Lucky Boxes?

We randomly send out lucky boxes to or subscribers and one timers, Lucky boxes include high value items (Collectibles, signed memorabilia, rare exclusive items, etc) everyone has a chance to receive a Lucky Box.

Is this a subscription?

Yes and No, Originally boxychan started as a themed mystery box/gifting site.  We do however offer short term subscriptions (3-9 months for most themes) for our mystery box lovers! However we do not function as a subscription service nor do we want to.

Do all boxes come with T-shirts?

Not all boxes come with T-shirts, however we do ask for your size in case it does.

International Subscription?

Subscription services are available to U.S customers only, we are opening subscription services to Canada in the near future.  

How much is shipping?

One timers U.S: $5.99 Canada: $14.99 there is a shipping discount for both on orders of 4 boxes and up, Subscribers shipping cost are bundled in to the price.

When will I receive my BoxyChan?

Most boxes are shipped within the week ordered or sooner, however due to inbound and outbound shipping schedules one time boxes can take up to 3 weeks before arriving, please plan accordingly if gifting. Subscription boxes ship dates vary between months and are dependent on date of enrollment. 

Will my shipping box actually look like the BoxyChan box?

Yes, however depending on the size and shape of some of the items (most likely "lucky" boxes or heavier items) may require to be shipped in a different box and may or may not look like the boxychan box however if our items are sent on other boxes, your item will be boxychan gift wrapped to keep the element of surprise. 

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship to the US and CANADA (just added)

If I order more than one box will they arrive at the same time?

Some boxes may be shipped from different locations and may arrive at different times. 

If I order more than one box of the same theme will I receive the same items?

No! items are different each time you order, although sometimes they may include similar smaller items.

Is there a discount for multiple boxes?

There is a shipping discount starting at 4 boxes and up.

Are your items brand new?

Yes and No, our items are all brand new however some boxes may come with old collectibles and rare items that are quite understandably not new, or may have some slight wear and tear in the packaging, this is mostly true for Lucky boxes.

Is there actual BoxyChan merchandise (the character)?

Not at the moment but we are working on it.

How will I know if I have a lucky BoxyChan?

Lucky boxes come with a note inside, telling you about your lucky item.

I see sold out when I go to purchase a BoxyChan when will this change?

We will restock the sold out theme as soon as possible, it may be removed from the Buy Now section until we have it restocked. 

Returns and Refunds

Due to the nature of our system and unfortunate theft (false claims of missing items to receive free merchandise) We no longer offer refunds or exchanges, please contact us for specific cases such as: duplicate boxes, wrong theme received, lost in the mail, etc and we will offer a return/exchange right away.