Do you love surprises? Do you love to get cool things in the mail? If you do, you are going to love BOXYCHAN.

Simply go to the BUY NOW section.  Browse the BOXYCHAN™ MYSTERY BOX THEMES.

CHOOSE a ONE TIME buy by adding to cart. While every BOXYCHAN™ THEMED MYSTERY BOX contains cool, valuable, fun merchandise, all related to your chosen theme, everyone who purchases a BOXYCHAN™ THEMED MYSTERY BOX has the chance to receive rare Collectibles, Signed Items or Additional High Value Items in our randomly sent LUCKY BOXES.

Rest assured that you can buy as many ONE TIME buy boxes and wont receive the same items twice! BOXYCHAN™ adds new themes all the time so visit us regularly to check out all of our current THEMED MYSTERY BOXES under the BUY NOW section. 

Need to send a gift to someone quickly? No worries buy a box from our MYSTERY GIFT SET section for faster ship out dates (usually ships within 2-4 days) you can also add a gift note that will be included inside the box! However we do not offer tracking on gift sets so we cant offer a no duplicates guarantee on multiple orders. 

 - Mr. Boxy